Our Brand

Made to Envy is a Portuguese jewelery brand, founded in 2015 by Marta Camelo. She designs all the pieces and follows the manual production process, in silver or gold, at the brand’s workshop located in Matosinhos. Certification is also done in Portugal by INCM. Inspiration arises in small details of everyday life, in shared emotions and feelings, in nature and architecture always present in the day to day of the creator. The result is a comprehensive brand capable of conquering a more selective taste for those looking for a unique piece, as well as an audience that prefers to follow the latest trends in fashion accessories.


Made to Envy is a registered trademark, owned by the company BMC, Lda.

ADRESS Travessa da Agra, 177 4450-599 Leça da Palmeira  NIF 510746608 INPI 554056 INCM P310008 INCM SITE T0374.0 AORP 1898