Each Made to ENVY® jewel is designed and produced in sterling silver, delicately and professionally, fulfilling all quality criteria.

You can check the real-time quote for silver here.

In order to verify our authenticity, we use the brand logo engraved on all the pieces. This is how to make sure you’re getting a Made to ENVY® piece.

You can also find the mark of responsibility of the author (contrast) and, when the pieces weigh more than 2g, the mark of the Portuguese contrast.

Any of these marks guarantees you the verification of the legal touch of the jewel.

You can see the legal marks of the Portuguese contrast here


Because each jewel has a story, there are care to be taken with them that must be respected. Such as:

  • do not expose the jewel to abrasive products;
  • do not wet the pieces;
  • avoid contact with excessive perspiration;
  • do not put it in contact with other jewelry, to avoid scratche

Pamper your jewelry and make its meaning last in time!

However, when you think your pieces are losing their original color, Made to ENVY® gives all ENVYfriends the ability to bathe again for a symbolic value. Your jewels will look like new!