About Us


Made to ENVY® is the perfect symbiosis between sterling silver and the will to be authentic and unique. By offering the possibility of personalization, the brand praises the difference and the desire of the Woman to be sophisticated and original in their day-to- day.

Each collection is delicately designed and, once combined with timeless moments and special people, it produces explosions of joy, smiles and tears, love and longing…

A Made to ENVY® jewel marks in time, adapting to different moments for its versatility. It is a jewel for practical women, but sophisticated in taste.



Made to ENVY® is a registered trademark owned by BMC, Lda.

BMC, Lda

Avenida Menéres, 592
4450-189 Matosinhos

Head Office:
Travessa da Agra, 177
4450-599 Leça da Palmeira

VAT number: 510 746 608
INPI number: 554056
INCM: P310008
AORP number: 1898